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about titan builders photo

Cooling Towers
Industrial Cooling Tower

Wide Range of Capacity

Available in 20 diffrent models from one cell to twenty cells, both in Counter Flow & Cross Flow, "Anew Tower Tech" (ATT) has model for every application and capacity. If there is a special application, "ATT" will design a cooling tower that will fit your requirment. Contact with "ATT" head office or your local representative for alternative cooling tower solution.

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Depending on application, size and client's requirements, cooling tower structure shall be of the following type :

(a) As a standard, "Anew Tower Tech" cooling tower structure shall be Ms Hot Deep Galvanized and suitably design to withstand wind load, seismic load and extended life. For corrosive atmospheric condition, Zinc based epoxy cote provided to improve life further. As an option SS-304 or SS-316 or SS-316L structure could be supplied.

(b) Chemically treated pine wood, conforming to IS-2372 and suitable for cooling tower application.

(c) Concrete (RCC) for longer life, steady and vibration free structure.

(d) Pultruted FRP with a flame spread of 25 or less, columns and daignol braces are 3"x 3" box section and for non corrosive & lighter structure.

Cooling Towers
FRP Package Cooling Towers

Wide Range of Capacity

Starting from 10 TR capacity upto 500 TR in single ce and with FRP basin option and 8-10 cells in multi-cells in single row option are available. And without FRP basin option (i e. with RCC basin, by others) upto 1000 TR in single cell and 8-10 cells in multi-cells in single row option are available to meet any type of cooling requirment in FRP package segment.

Components Of Package Cooling Tower

Some of the efficient Components used for our FRP Package Cooling Tower's are:

PVC Film Fills

PVC Drift Eliminator


Industries Serve

Our wide range of FRP Cooling Towers is suitable for AC & R (Central Air Conditioning) Industries / HVAC, Central Utilities of any application, Process etc

(a) PVC Film Fills

Film allow the water to form thin flowing sheets to expose as much water surface area as possible to the interacting airflow. Fills are double edge folded to provide additional strength erosion resistance at edges and longer life. These PVC fill shall resistant to rot, or biological attack and non-brittle. The PVC fills have excellent fire resistant qualities, with a flame spread rating as per ASTM-E84.

Higher temperature fills are available for water temperatures exceeding 55 ° c, consult your "Anew Tower Tech" representative for further details.

We use below type of PVC fills:

(i) Cross-Fluteed Film Fills: Cross fluted PVC film fills, which offers maximum heat exchange surface area, minimum pressure drop and higher water-air mixing time in result increase cooling tower thermal efficiency. Suitable for good water and industrial water quality,

(ii) vertical offset Fills: This fills has less fouling change, efficient and maximum surface area.

(iii) vertical Fills: Good for dirty water, low fouling and low pressure drop.

(b) Splash Fills

Splash fills are good for dirty water application and offer low pressure drop. Below available splash fills are used for "Anew Tower Tech" cooling towers:

(i)Wooden Splash Bar: Chemically treated wooden bars sed for cross-flow cooling tower.

(ii) PVC "V" Bar: PVC "V" Bars makes small ts by splashing and shearing of water drops which produce better heat transfer efficiency. used both for cross-flow and counter flow cooling tower & suitable for turbid water application.

(iii) Opti - Grid : Opti - Grid is a direct replacement of splash fill for use in cross-flow and counter flow towers where dirty water is concern. opti-grid utilizes a floating hanger design that allows the fill layers to float for excellent fit in slanted cross-flow designs. This design offers reduced pressure drop, improved splash surface, non fouling ability and maximum strength. Good for sea water and turbid water.

(iv) TURBosplashPAC: Due to innovative design, there is no risk for the fills getting chocked, less resistance to the passage of air allows energy saving. Suitable both cross-flow and counter-flow cooling tower and any type of water quality including sea water.

The endwalls and sidewalls of the tower from air inlet elevation to the top of perimeter fan deck shall be cased with corrugated non-corrosive FRP panels attached to columns. Panels shall be lapped to shed water inward to the tower corner rolls shall be provided to cover casing ends. Fan deck shall be FRP. For Rcc cooling tower casing & Fan Deck shall be of concrete.

"Drift" is the undesirable loss of liquid water to the environment via small droplets that become entrained in the leaving air stream. These water droplets carry with them chemicals and minerals thus impacting the surrounding environment "Anew Tower Tech" use profile or cellular both type eliminator to ensure maximum removal of water droplets from air stream to limit the drift rate up to 0.005% of circulating water flow rate, with low rate, the "Anew tower Tech" cooling tower saves valuable water and water treatment chemicals.

The drift eliminators are constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic material which corrosion of these vital components, They are assembled in sections to facilitate easy removal for inspection and maintenance of the water distribution system and top of the fill area.

Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Energy Saver FRP Fan. These are used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere. Our fans are fabricated by using premium quality material like aluminum alloy & FRP and are balanced with variable pitch for high efficiency and low vibration. These energy saver cooling tower fans are extensively used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants and other industry applications.

The Structural members are structural shapes pultruded FRP with a flame spread of 25 or less. The tower and all its components are designed to withstand a wind load of 1.44 kPa and a seismic load based upon UBC local design criteria. Fan decks and other work levels shall be designed for a uniform load of 2.88 kPa, or a concentrated live load of 272 kg.

Columns and diagonal braces are 76mm x 76mm box section at a spacing no greater than 1829mm (6'-0) centers both longitudinally and transversely. Columns requiring anchorage will be anchored to the concrete cold water basin by heavy gauge series 304 stainless steel anchor clips. Perimeter columns are extended above the fan deck to act as posts for the deck perimeter hand railing.

A tension/compression system of diagonal braces shall stiffen the structure and transfer wind and seismic loads to the basin anchor points. Diagonals will be anchored to the cold water basin using heavy gauge series 304 stainless steel anchor clips. Horizontal members are open sections (typically channels and angles) and fill support members and fan deck supports are "C" channel sections.

The FRP fan Cylinder's is of various height with velocity recovery design for increased efficiency and are constructed of heavy ribbed fiberglass panels bolted together. A full radius inlet bell is provided for smooth airflow into the fan.

We offer widest range of fan and motor combinations to meet any type of cooling needs. FRP Fans shall be heavy duty axial type dynamically balanced and highly aerodynamic. They ensure minimal power consumption and trouble free operation. The fans constructed of FRP blades, installed in a closely fitted cowl with venturi air inlet. Fan Motors are totally enclosed fan-cooled, heavy duty, with 1.10 service factor and suitable for cooling tower & outdoor application. "Anew Tower Tech" offers many optional motors to meet your special needs.

The right angle, double-reduction, spiral-bevel gear reducers is designed in accordance with AGMA standards and CTI Bulletin STD-111. The speed reducers are sized with a minimum service factor of 2.0 based on the motor nameplate horsepower, The bearings are lubricated by a positive The fill, drain and vent lines are stainless steel and will extend outside of the fan stacks and have a sight glass. The sight glass will be marked to show normal lubricant level in the reducer when it is not operating.

Each drive shall include a HDG / SS, single piece drive shaft connected by flexible, self-aligning couplings to the motor and to the gear reducer. Each drive shaft and coupling set is sized for a minimum service factor of 2.0 based on the motor nameplate rating as per CTI standard. The coupling hubs will be keyed to the shafts, and the shafts assembly is dynamically balanced. Appropriate drive shafts arrestors and coupling guards are supplied as per industrial requirements to protect equipments and operating personnel.

The spray header and branches shall be constructed of Heavy Duty, polyvinyl chloride pipe / Gl pipe for corrosion resistance and shall have a steel flange connection to attach the external piping. The piping shall be removable for cleaning purposes. The lateral pipes will be pvc material and connected to the main header with neoprene flexible couplings. The water shall be distributed over the fill by precision molded ABS / PP spray nozzles with large orifice openings to eliminate clogging.

Services Provided other than New Cooling Tower

1) Performance / status testing of cooling tower as per CTI ATC 105 procedures to establish cooling tower performance / capability.
2) Thermal, mechanical, structural audits of cooling tower.
3) Feasibility studies for cooling tower.
4) Preparation and submission of reports – includes prediction / comparison of present performance of cooling tower with respect to its original design conditions, root cause for deviation, probable remedies to improve performance, techno-commercial budgetary proposal to carry out proposed modifications.
5) Renovation and modernization of existing cooling towers (cross, counter, natural draft-hyperbolic towers) including civil, mechanical, structural, thermal part.
6) Up-gradation beyond original design capacity.
7) Retrofit and supply of tower internals and mechanical parts, equipments.
8) Emergency repairs.
9) Supply of spares on any make cooling tower for cross flow & counter flow cooling towers.

Technical Details Required For Anew Tower Tech Cooling Tower Selection:

Water Flow ..............m3/hr.
Hot Water Temp. (HWT)...........° C
Cold Water Temp. (CWT)..........° C
Wet Bulb Temp. (WBT).............° C
Location Of Site
Preferred Tower Design : Counter Flow / Cross Flow
Preferred MOC of Tower Structure : RCC / Timber / FRP / Steel
Water Quality
Site Limitations, if any (Length, Width, Height)
For Retrofit / up-gradation of cooling tower our technical team will visit your site to collect the required data.

What Is Cooling Tower?

Cooling tower is an equipment used to cool the water, which is required for industrial and AC & R purpose. Principal of cooling is based on evaporation. Cooling tower maximize the water surface area,this water surface area comes in contact with air, top layer of water surface gets evaporate leaving behind inner surfaces of water cool.

Types of Cooling Tower:

Based on operation, basic types of cooling tower are:

1) Mechanical draft cooling tower

In this cooling tower air draft is created by means of fan. There are two types of mechanical draft cooling tower.

a) Induced Draft

In this tower air draft is induced through the cooling tower. Fan comes on top of cooling tower, which sucks the air through cooling tower. Again there are two types of induced draft of cooling tower.
i) Counter flow cooling tower This tower is box type in which water flows down and air flows up causing counter current between air and water. These type of cooling tower are compact compare to cross flow cooling tower.
ii) Cross flow cooling tower This tower comes in inclined shape in which water flows down and air flows in 90 degree to water, causing cross current between air and water. Again based on type of material used for cooling tower construction, these towers are divided in Steel, RCC, Timber, FRP, Pultruted FRP etc.

b) Forced draft

In this tower air draft is created by forcing the air in to cooling tower by means of fan. In this tower fan is installed at side bottom of cooling tower.

b) Natural Draft Cooling Tower

In this cooling tower air draft is created naturally and there is no need of fan to create draft. Air draft is created because of venturi shape of tower and density difference of air at inlet and air at outlet. These towers are economical for large cooling water requirement, for example more that 40,000 CMH. For such large requirement these tower are advantageous because they needs less space, less maintenance, zero operational cost for fan power compare to induced draft. But capital cost of this tower is more compare to induced one.